Can Non Prescription Acne Medication From CVS Offer Fast Treatment?

Acne is one such skin problem that a lot of people have to deal with, particularly in their teenage days. Acne happens mainly due to the over production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. It also happens when there is too much of toxin within the body, which in turn clogs up the oil and sweat pores. So, how to do away with acne? Well, there are medicines available that can help do away with the symptoms of acne. At CVS, which is one of the widely preferred online sites for medicines and drugs, you will come across numerous medications for acne. However, if they work or not is the main question we need to ask; and we shall try to provide an answer to this question.

Non Prescription Medicines at CVS

The medications which are sold at CVS for treatment are mostly non prescription type, and among them, majority of them are lotions, gel, cleansers, and cream. Without any doubt, the ones from the reputed companies are good enough. Cleansers and gel can clean up the pores and prevent the situation from getting worse. But, it is not enough to prevent the further occurring of acne in the near future. In order to make sure acne will not bother you again, you have to eradicate the root cause of acne.

2The main reasons behind the formation of acne on the skin are- hormonal imbalance and toxins. In teenagers, the hormone called testosterone is responsible for controlling the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. But, when the level of sebum gets higher, then the oil pores get clogged up. As a result, it leads to acne. Too much of toxins within the body can also lead to the formation of pimples, which in turn can take the form of acne, if not treated soon.

Get The Power of Vitamins

In order to get rid of acne permanently, it is essential to have control over the production of sebum, which in turn can be made possible by having control over the production of hormone. Pills like acnetame contain vitamins that can help regulate the production of hormones. Vitamin A and B5 are effective in doing so. Hence, it would be better if you can consume such OTC pills and use acne treatment lotion, gel, or cream from CVS at the same time. This will speed up the process of acne treatment. You can also include foods in your diet which contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B5.

What Over the Counter Pills Are Available That Actually Treat Greasy Skin?

It is quite okay for our body to produce oil. This is done in order to keep the skin soft and healthy. However, too much of anything can prove to be detrimental. When the same oil, called as sebum, is produced by the sebaceous glands in more quantity then it often results in acne and blemishes. Quite undoubtedly, acne can be quite irritating and may even affect your self confidence. For this reason, it is better safe than sorry. In other words, it is better to take precautions and prevent the formation of too much of oil by the glands. But, how to treat greasy skin without using prescribed drugs? Are there any pills available that you can buy over the counter? Let’s find out.

Doing Away With Greasy Skin

It is not necessary to use prescribed drugs to prevent greasy skin. There are pills in the market that are made from natural ingredients. Among all the pills that can be purchased as OTC, the ones containing Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B7, and Omega-3 fatty acid are the best ones. Such OTC pills are effective in lowering down the greasiness of your skin by significant amount. But, how do they work?


As a matter of fact, vitamin A and vitamin B5 play vital role in the production of a hormone called testosterone. This very hormone remains in the most active condition when a person is in his or her teen age. Testosterone on the other hand regulates the sebaceous glands. So, the production of oil or sebum is directly related to the level of this hormone within the body. Now, vitamin A and B5 can lower down the level of testosterone, without causing any side effects. Actually, the vitamins help maintain a balanced level of the hormone.]

There are many OTC pills in the market you can choose from, such as acnepril, acnetame, niacin, and isotretinoin. These drugs are absolutely harmless and can be taken by anyone. The vitamins and minerals contained in the pills can also prevent the formation of pimples by keeping your skin healthy and free from toxins. You may purchase these pills from the online stores as well. This way you can also gain more information about the drugs and their main ingredients. You may also check out the reviews to get more idea about their effectiveness. In addition, you should also use cleaners and lotion simultaneously for better results.